The Original Hand Wrapped Iron Nail & Smoky Quartz Deluxe Magnetized Lightning Rod Iron Nail Lightning Rod Warding Protection Banishing


These iron nails are wrapped in copper wire, with spirals to pull the energy in and push energy out, with a smoky quartz crystal. Smoky quartz is metaphysically associated with protection, and warding off evil and negative energy. This particular Lightning Rod could be used in rituals to protect a given area from negative energies or entities, or to change energy in a given area. Paired with the copper and iron natural magnet, the uses for these are only limited to your magickal imagination. This is my own twist on the old idea of using nails for these purposes. The copper amplifies the effect, and adds in its metaphysical properties and folklore as well. The iron in the nails is naturally magnetized, for additional energy. These are literally based on a lightning rod, with my own innovation, and are protected by copyright.

This particular smoky quartz has a nice transitional color, darker at one end and lighter at the other. Many crystal enthusiasts believe transitional color aids in transitioning energy.

You get one nail per quantity of one for this listing, my current nails in stock are about 2.5-3 inches long. You will get the exact nail pictured for this listing. This nail is hand made by me, and one of a kind.

Other varieties of these will be available soon, stay tuned!

The nails are REAL, SOLID iron, not coated or steel nails dipped in acid, those do not have the properties of true iron. These have some rust dust on them as well, which has its own magickal properties. I've designed these for maximum impact. These are sourced from an antique shop right here in Pennsylvania.

Iron is an age old symbol for many things, which spans across many cultures the world over. Much folklore is attached to iron, concerning its ability to bind demons, its use for attracting good luck, its inherent protective properties, even the iron rust dust is believed to have healing properties. The uses for these are virtually endless.

Iron is generally used in the Craft for protection, or for binding energies.

My suggestions for use:

Drive them into the ground at the four corners of your home to protect from all manner of ills. It will draw negative forces down and pin it to the earth. This particular nail can be used in Protection and Warding rituals, and can be used in rituals for repelling evil spirits.

Place anywhere you feel you need protection.

Place anywhere you want to "Ground" the energy.

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