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My bottles and witch balls contain formulas that I devised myself from my two plus decades on my spiritual path, using the finest quality herbs. They are not prepackaged mixes of inferior herbs that you can order out of some catalog. They are hand blended in a mortar and pestle by me on the appropriate day for planetary energy, not blended by some machine and wholesaled. These are hand made to order with the buyer in mind for maximum impact.

For this listing, you can CHOOSE TEN of my ever popular Witch Balls, for yourself or for resale. Buying this many at once will save lots of money, these normally retail at $25 each! Packaging and labeling for your shop is available for an additional fee, please message to discuss packaging. Regular packaging includes a pretty organza bag and simple printed instructions with the Moon Hunter Magick logo. Most intentions have a ritual or guided visualization to go with it, also written by Moon Hunter Magick.

As this will be a large order, please allow time for good craftsmanship. I expect this to take up to 7 business days to complete. Please leave a note at checkout to let me know which intentions you'd like.

The balls are glass, approximately 1.5 inches long, that is sealed shut in the form of a miniature ornament. A charm is tied on with a piece of cord or ribbon, which is approximately 6 inches long and meant to hang the ball up.
**Every ball holds either a quartz crystal point or other crystal point to amplify the purpose of the bottle. Every ball has stone charms to enhance the effect. Depending on the purpose, I may also add symbolic charms to enhance the effect.

Got questions? Feel free to message me and ask!

I use a mixture of herbs, minerals, powders and stones for each ball, every one will appear different, depending on its intention. . As these are all made to order, every one is one of a kind, the pictures are for examples only.

If you are looking for a specific intention that is not covered here, please message me, and I will see if it is something I can build.

Disclaimer: Charms are for entertainment purposes only.

Pick TEN INTENTIONS from any of the following, feel free to mix and match. Choose TEN per lot from the following, or message me if there is an intention you don't see, to see if I can make it for you:

Protection: A general protection charm, to protect from all negative energies, forces, and ill will. Has a pentacle, an age old protection symbol, and black tourmaline, onyx, and garnet to protect against all manner of negative energies and forces.

Jinx Breaker: Feeling like the universe is out to get you? Are you afflicted with bad luck? This charm is made using elements in folklore long known to rebalance the energies in your life. Has black tourmaline to repel and neutralize negative energies, and unakite to break down barriers. Comes with a powerful banishing ritual, written by Moon Hunter.

Self Love: A charm to increase self love, inspire confidence. Has a heart shaped lock and key charm to aid in unlocking your own self love, unlocking your heart, and rose quartz in the bottle.

Prosperity: Used to attract prosperity and abundance into your life. Also used for success. This is also known as the "money drawing" charm. Has a four leaf clover or other charm for prosperity and luck, and aventurine and citrine, peridot, for prosperity and success, and contains real shredded dollar bills, and gold plated beads.

Spirit Guides: Used to strengthen your relationship with your spirit guides. Has moonstone and quartz to enhance intuition and receptive energies.

Glamour: In ancient folklore, people would cast a Glamour to appear more confident, more beautiful, increase charisma, etc. A glamour is known to affect the field of energy around you, helps you to radiate the impression that you are confident/beautiful/charismatic etc. This will not alter your physical appearance, the change in energy is supposed to make you appear different to those that see you. Ever hear the saying "Beauty is an attitude?" This is all about that. Has quartz and rose quartz to help exude these energies.

Healing: General Healing, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Has a spiral hand healing hand charm, and carnelian and quartz for healing energies. Comes with a powerful Healing ritual, written by Moon Hunter.

Hex Breaker: Has many elements long known in folklore to banish bad energies sent your way to the otherworld. Also useful in repelling negative influences in your life. This blend uses elements known to repel ANY negative energy sent your way. Has black tourmaline, unakite, and labradorite, and other correct stones for protection, neutralizing and repelling negative energies, breaking down barriers, and sealing your own energy in. Comes with a powerful Banishing ritual written by Moon Hunter.

Good Luck: Increases general luck. Also used as a gambling charm. Has a wishbone or other charms for good luck and the granting of wishes. Also aventurine, citrine, and quartz for luck, success, and energy amplification.

Energy Enhancer: Has many elements known in folklore to boost your own personal power. Has amethyst and quartz to boost energy, plus wing charms to help your energy take off.

Energy Filter: Great for readers or empathics. This charm uses elements known to help keep outside energies outside you. Is there a person in your life that when they're in a bad mood, it seems contagious, no matter what you do, you end up in a bad mood too? This charm is made to help with that. Has fluorite and quartz on to aid in the effect. Great to hang over your desk at work!

Justice: General Justice. Redresses the balance, instigates karma. (Use this one with caution, Justice magick does not work just one way, it will balance EVERYTHING, and justice is not always what we think it will be.) Is also used as a court case charm. Has a scales charm (like the one lady justice holds) with unakite, amethyst and quartz to aid in the effect. Comes with instructions for either a Justice ritual, which is used to rebalance EVERYTHING; or choose court case instructions for when you are at fault and need help, the court case ritual will guide you on how to make up for your mistake in the eyes of the Universe, so your karmic debt is paid, and will help to reduce the consequences you have to pay. The rituals are written by Moon Hunter.

Negativity Eater: Uses elements long known in folklore to absorb negative energy and destroy it. Has a pentacle for protection. Comes with a Banishing ritual written by Moon Hunter.

Weight Loss: A charm to aid in the gaining or losing of weight. Strengthens willpower. Has a wing charm to help you be light hearted, and light on your feet, and citrine for success and unakite for breaking down barriers. Comes with a weight management ritual written by Moon Hunter.

Psychic Awareness: Used to increase your psychic awareness. Has moonstone, sodalite and quartz to enhance the effect.

Harm Me No More: A charm used to help stop harm from being done to your person, things you love and care about, and your life. Will help stop the harm, will rebalance energies, and allow justice to take a hand in the situation, if desired. Has carnelian, amethyst, garnet, and black tourmaline for healing, stopping bad energies in their tracks, rebalancing, and protection.

BS Filter: A charm used to help filter out BS, to enhance right sight, and let you hear and know the truth of things. Helps to reduce drama, chaos, and general BS. ;) Has labradorite, sodalite, and fluorite to enhance the effect, and comes with instructions for a Truth ritual, written by Moon Hunter.

Fertility, physical: A charm used to increase fertility of your body. Has a Kokopelli charm, rose quartz, carnelian, and garnet to amplify fertility. Comes with a fertility ritual and guided visualization written by Moon Hunter.

Fertility, General: a charm used for increasing the fertility of your life in general, cultivating healthy conditions and helping new opportunities come in, and to help growth, be it emotional, spiritual, etc. Has a Kokopelli charm, rose quartz, carnelian, and garnet to amplify fertility.

Let Me Let It Go/Release: have burdens on your heart, on your mind, that you really need to release? Letting go is a constant process, this is a charm designed using elements known in folklore to help you stay the course. Has sodalite and lapis lazuli for self mastery, and for balancing the emotions with the mind. Comes with a Release ritual, written by Moon Hunter.

Strength: This is a charm using elements known in folklore to give you mental and spiritual strength, for whatever purpose you need it for. IDK if it would work for physical strength, though it can give you the determination and motivation needed to attain it. Has amethyst, citrine, and quartz (the power trio) to enhance the effect.

Goddess Power: a charm used to enhance your female power, help nurture the goddess within you. Has moonstone and rose quartz to enhance the effect.

Drama Llama Repellant: Sick of drama? Want it to avoid you? This charm is made using elements known in folklore to help tone it down, not let it affect you as much, and that herd of drama llamas will suddenly find that it's better to leave you alone. Redirects their energy, away from you, helps Drama Llamas' focus stay off you. Also incidentally helps reduce gossip. Has black tourmaline and labradorite to enhance the effect.

Peace and Serenity: A charm using elements known in folklore to help bring peace into your life, helps calm the mind, alleviate negative emotions. This is a combination of healing and enhancing peace. Has carnelian and sodalite to enhance the effect. has carnelian, sodalite, and labradorite on a spiral to enhance the effect.

Vampire Repellant: Not for dracula type vampires, or those who like to dress up for them, these are for Psychic Vampires, you know, those people that just suck the life and energy out of you? This charm is made using elements known to help deter these people. Has black tourmaline, fluorite and labradorite for repelling outside energies, filtering out the energies you don't want, and sealing your own energies in.

Gainful Employment: A charm using elements known in folklore to help you not only find a job, but find the RIGHT job. Has a bee charm to help you build your hive and fill it with honey, bees are incredibly industrious and remind us that we reap what we sow, but to enjoy the sweetness in life. Has moonstone for intuition (after all, selecting the right job means following your gut feelings) citrine for success, and aventurine for luck. Comes with an Employment Ritual written by Moon Hunter.

Depression and Anxiety: Used as a charm to help alleviate depression and anxiety, with all that entails, including insomnia and emotional turmoil. Has sodalite to balance the emotions with the mind, and fluorite to block out environmental factors.

Assh#le Repellent: Yes, you read it right. This charm is designed using elements known in folklore to make assh#les decide to leave you alone. Comes with a chant written by Moon Hunter, you can hang it where you are exposed to assh#les. Incidentally makes a great gift for people at work.

Study Guides/Good Grades: A charm to help you pass the test. Has a key for symbolically unlocking your knowledge, moonstone for intuition and memory recall, and citrine for success.

House Blessings: This ball is a general house blessing ball, hang anywhere as a charm or amulet to bring health, prosperity, and protection to your home. Has a key to symbolize unlocking the blessings.

Fidelity or Marriage Blessings: Use as a charm to strengthen an existing relationship, to bring love and fidelity into your home, or can also be used to bring blessings of health, longevity, peace, and fidelity to any marriage.

Familiar Blend: Made as a charm to protect our familiars, our pets. I strongly advise against hanging this on a collar, but it will be great over an altar, or in the home.

Good Luck Gambling: Acts as a gambler's toby.

If you'd like other options that you don't see here, please message me and I'll let you know what I can do.
Please include a note of how many of which you would like when you check out.

Disclaimer: In accordance with Etsy's policies, seller makes no claims that these have supernatural powers, they are for entertainment purposes only.

All of my balls and witch bottles contain unique formulas that are hand blended BY ME. Not prepackaged mixes, not glitter or other nonsense. Herbal formulas that I blend on the appropriate day for planetary energy, formulas that I've devised myself. I also use stones that I know work well together with the herbs contained within. Do not be fooled by imitations, you can only get my blends through Moon Hunter Magick.
When you're buying my bottles, you're paying for materials, for my time, and also for my expertise. I've been at this a long time, and am glad that I'm able to help people across the world. I am an extremely karma oriented individual. When you buy my products, you know you are getting my absolute best.

I offer custom items and advice for no additional charge.


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