About Our Operation

The name Moon Hunter is a literal translation of Cyn's actual name: Goddess of the Moon Hunter. We make hand made, health conscious and eco-friendly ritual supplies at home. 
Is it time for a change? Our self-empowerment, self help shop has just what you need to get started. The charms, ritual kits, and other magickal tools and supplies here come from our many years on our spiritual paths. We offer custom ritual kits for various purposes, please just message us if you don't see what you need. 

Nearly every item is hand made to order, and is personalized. Please note our handling times, we need to have enough time for craftsmanship and demand. Handling time does not include transit times, you should be shown an estimated delivery window before checkout. 

We take pride in offering the best ritual supplies we are able for your own work. Please note that we sell ritual supplies, not results. We provide the best tools we can make, and also sample rituals that can be used, or simple instructions on how to use these items. Each item is made with love, using the best quality ingredients we can get, and will arrive ready for your work. If you need help picking out the right type of item, please message us, we'll be happy to help. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. 
All designs are handmade originals and protected by general copyright. 

Check back periodically as we're always finding and making new things. Thank you for looking at our creations, and Brightest Blessings!

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How We Got Started:

Moon Hunter started off many years ago as a small enterprise where I (Cyn) made herbal medicines and ointments, and jewelry for sale. I was just a peddler, nothing big. I wanted to take it to the next level, and found out how much I'd need for insurance to create herbal medicines... and switched to just jewelry. I started selling my creations in some high end shops around the New England area, and did pretty well, so the next step was to take it to the internet.

Cyn's Bio: I've enjoyed running an online shop, and love that my creations have found so many people, and have made people happy across the globe. That so many people love something I made is the most rewarding feeling for me. :)

I make lots of things, herbal blends, candles, incense, ritual tools, divination tools, jewelry, spell kits and other metaphysical items, and offer crystals and rocks for sale, rock and crystal collecting has been a lifelong passion of mine. I started on my spiritual path at the tender age of 14, began reading tarot when I was about 15 or 16, and my feet have never wavered since. I've always had an instinctual knowledge of stones and herbs and how to use them, and these instincts have been tried and true. I am a natural witch, I keep it pretty simple, though I am deeply spiritually connected, and do have formal training in several traditions, I don't particularly like labels. I consider myself something like a modern version of a village healer, and offer ritual items and supplies for healing and helping purposes to whoever needs them. I write the rituals, offer advice, and make everything from scratch beginning to end. Every item is cleansed, blessed, and charged for its intention, every item is hand made to order for the person who ordered it. Every herbal blend, candle, incense, etc is made by hand using the best quality herbs I can get, at home in my workshop. If you need help picking the right things for your situation, please message me, I'll be happy to help.

All of my formulas, incenses, candle recipes, etc are my own hand blended formulas, I have a real knack for finding and combining the perfect ingredients to create powerful ritual supplies, most of my formulas have been for my own personal use for decades, but people loved them so much, I began to offer them to the world. I take pride in using the very best herbs and oils, and high quality stones to create the right frequencies of energy, and make herbal blends that can be used for aromatherapy purposes as well as metaphysical purposes, I really like things that smell good! My candles are made using the finest cosmetic grade soy wax I can get, with non toxic anointing oils, and real essential oils. These are also infused with my own herbal blends, and have stones in them, and come in reusable holders! I make everything by hand to order here in my workshop.

 I could accurately say that my inspiration comes from nature itself, as the stones I am so fascinated with and use in my work each pretty much help me create itself. Many times, when I am building a piece for someone, I follow my instincts in choosing stones with the correct metaphysical properties for the desired intention. Every piece is one of a kind.

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